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Are you looking for a way to bring more natural light and energy into your home? If you want to open up your space, then few renovation options are quite as effective as new windows. Not only can new windows help to enhance the look and feel of your home, but they can help to make your house more energy-efficient, as well. If you're considering a renovation to replace existing windows, add a picture window, or even install new skylights, then you've come to the right place. We'll provide you with the articles and tips you need to beautify your home and do it all without breaking the bank!


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3 Important Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Residential Glass Installation Project

A residential glass upgrade project can be stressful and confusing to homeowners. These projects are considered long-term investments that can raise property values, improve curb appeal, and offer better energy efficiency. There are a variety of glass options to choose from. The best type of glass installed will be dependent on a homeowner's budget, preferences, and expectations. This can create even more confusion when an individual attempts to compare glass options on their own. The following points highlight a few key things to keep in mind when planning a residential glass installation.

Overall Condition of Windows

One of the most important things to determine prior to a residential glass installation is whether or not to upgrade the entire window or only the panes. Windows that are old and made of wood might be deteriorating. Upgrading outdated windows to vinyl windows with new glass panes can improve energy efficiency and safety. Some older windows are nonfunctional. The locks may not work, or they might be difficult to open and close. New windows and glass will come with impressive warranties. Vinyl is a durable material that does not rot, is moisture-resistant, and does not require painting or paint touchups. Many homeowners favor them because they are considered easy maintenance.


Glass manufacturers have their own set of criteria that detail what is covered. A glass installer can explain the warranty and actions that could void it such as not getting a residential glass installation or residential glass repair service performed by a professional. If the installation will include new windows, homeowners can have peace of mind that some manufacturers offer lifetime warranties for their windows.

Number of Window Panes

The panes in a window are the glass portion. Energy efficiency can be measured by the number of panes present. As a rule of thumb, the more panes present in the glass the more energy efficient it is. Homeowners with older homes that have never had a glass or window upgrade likely have single panes. This is less common for new residential glass installation projects. Today's projects are likely to involve double, triple, or quad panes of glass. The latter may be more difficult to source depending on where an individual lives. However, if an individual is insistent on having quad panes, a glass installer may be able to order them. 

A glass installation contractor is a good resource to use to compare glass options. They are familiar with glass manufacturers, warranties, energy efficiency, and how to properly measure windows for a residential glass installation.